Thursday, November 4, 2010

...I'm back!

After what feels like forever, I am BACK. I wasn't purposefully taking a break from blogging, it just kind of happened, and then once I stopped posting daily, or even weekly, it all seemed a bit too hard, or I simply didn't have time. Or, like recently, my lovely brand spanking new laptop fell under siege to the claw of my dog, and had been in Laptop Hospital having a new screen fitted...for four and a half weeks. Right at the time my iPhone died, and I was, thus, without any form of internet. How did I stay sane? you ask in horrified tones. I quite literally have no clue - all I recall from that hazy, horrible time was rather a lot of involuntary eye twitching any time I heard the word "google" uttered, and quite a bit of screaming, shouting and breaking of inanimate objects any time My Man dared speak of emails he had forwarded to me without thinking.

So, what has happened in these past few months? Well, where to begin!
I started working for a jewelry company, I cried when horse got cancer in his leg which I am still treating him for, I stopped working for a jewelry company when they weren't paying me, I held the trophy for two of Australia's biggest horse races and sat at the owners table for the worlds best racehorse, I did a lot of boring every day stuff, I planned and plotted (and still am) for my trip to Africa in January where I will be riding horses for a week then traveling to Botswana/Zambia...

wait. Surely I've done more than that? I'm adament there were all sorts of exciting things that have taken place recently...

guess not. Today will be spent running around like a madwoman preparing for my pup's return from the vet hospital - complete leg reconstruction number four took place yesterday, and bionic dog had to stay overnight - and making a large batch of bone shaped cookies for The Man to say a big thank you for giving my dog a brand new leg via his credit card. And maybe finding some lacy knickers that don't leave large indentations on my thighs with the weight I've gained recently...still, I'll work on those cookies first, I think. (can't tell why this added blubber is creeping up on me...)

So, I'm hoping to be back regularly with random updates. I find Facebook leaves me open to my great aunties second cousin - or, more worryingly, My Man's entire workplace - finding out about something I flippantly said in a status update 4 months ago after a gin and tonic or 9, and Twitter just isn't long enough for me to rant and rave... so blogging world, here I come!

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