Monday, February 28, 2011

Speaking of memes...

...I feel the need to ramble on in video form again - I actually quite enjoy it, minus the watching it back again and thinking "need to do more arm weights" and/or the constant "do I REALLY sound/look like that?!" - but it's quite therapeutic while I'm actually filming! So aside from the video, I thought I'd do a quick meme I found online today. In the mood to talk? Yes. In the mood to type? Not so much. I'm dopey from a bad night of sleep. I don't have a heap of time. Sahara is informing me she would dearly like to go out into the nasty, windy and cold day and gallavant around the neighborhood with me on the end of her leash. Excellent timing, as it's starting pouring rain with a vengeance.

So, to begin...

Are you a touchy person or do you prefer not to be touched by others?

Unless I truly and utterly trust someone beyond any shadow of a doubt - do NOT touch me. I literally freeze up and squirm - I truly detest it. Having said that, my massuer Glenn*, and my PT Dale are the only two fella's I let in my personal space without feeling the need to gounge their eyeballs out, which is generally handy.

*Unless he touches my toes. I despise having my toes touched, to the extent I will inadvertantly kick the daylights out of anyone who does it.

(side note: Glenn and Dale? Now referred to as Up Hill and Down Hill... what's with the topography names of my man servants?!)

What was your last conscious thought before dropping off to sleep last night?
The last thing I remember was without doubt unsuitable for general blog consumption. Mmm. Mmmmm....

What's your most outstanding virtue?
Right, this is something I need to work on: not being so self effacing. I notice especially on vlogs that I'm like 'Hi! I'm shit, let's deflect any positive attention away from self and focus on the negatives!" and I MUST stop this. I mean, I'm fairly awesome some days. Let's concentrate on that, Katie! So, outstanding virture. Uh... compassion. I like small animals.

How many different species of birds could you recognize on sight?
I was going to say, like maybe 5, and then I think about it, and I'm pretty good at this. Especially in Africa, when I had some time-zone differences I would sit and read the bird-spotting book (*cough* Geek! *cough*) and I learnt quite a few there, too. So I'd say...maybe 30? 50?

What are you avoiding?
Er. Putting my floordrobe away.

Look around you: list the first 5 things you see that bring back good memories.
1. Photos of my horses. They fill my heart with joy. 2. Sahara. We've had the best times together. Running through parks, swimming in the sea together, cuddling on the couch, moving houses 6 times. Uh...not that's she next to the bed, Cam, if you're reading this... 3. Positive sayings cards. Cam gave me these for my last birthday - one of the sweetest things I think he's ever given me. They say things like 'I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my own ship' (Louisa May Alcott) and 'Can you imagine what you would do if you could do all that you can?' (Sun Tzu). They are a little reminder to not dwell on negatives, realize how blessed I am and reflect a little bit when I'm down about how nice it was having my family here for my birthday last year. And they have really cute bird cartoons on them. 4. Big black pebble. I stole this from the bathroom in Fiji when I'd had one too many cocktails. There was some kind of flower arrangement with pebbles in it and I was busy concentrating on standing still without the world falling over and thought how lucky I was to be in such a gorgeous place after island hopping on a yacht all day, and took a pebble to remind me in future. It sits on my night stand. 5. Clothes/jewelry. I seriously struggle to throw anything out, simply because everything has memories for me. If I put on something I haven't worn in a while, I will actually stop and think "Ooh, I wore this at that fabulous restaraunt/on a gorgeous Summer day/snuggled up with movies" and it kind of sets the mood for the day. I LOVE getting dressed up, and knowing something is new makes it all the more exciting, but wearing something I love makes me feel really special.

How do you respond when someone says something unexpectedly kind to you?
Did I mention I needed to work on being nice to myself? Each night, Cam and I make a point of saying something nice to each other before bed, and getting it back in return so I can work on accepting compliments is not something I find easy. I truly believe 80% of the things he says are lies - how sad is that? I automatically assume the worst and look for ulterior motives when I get a compliment - unless it's about my leg length. I accept those ones, because I've learned to love them. Just gotta work on the rest!

If you could be any book character, who would it be?
I don't know about a book character, (Hermione! Hermione! Hermione!!) but if it were TV/Movie I would LOVE to be a cross between Samantha from Sex & The City, Karen Walker from Will and Grace, and Cameron Diaz in general. Hot, with balls.

Right, that small time frame I had is officially over. Breakfast time, salon time, dog walk time, horse feed time, shower time, boxing session time then dinner and bed... did I forget anything? Oh yeah, applying for another bunch of completely unsuitable! Have a great day, y'all!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Question Tag

I love that the first comment I got when Cameron walked through the door was not "hello, darling, how was your day?" but rather "Oh my f**k, please tell me you didn't show your slippers on your new vlog!"

Rude. Very rude.

Mock My Accent!

In response to the awesomeness of Melisa with One S from Suburban Scrawl, I thought I'd have a crack at this meme vlog. Hope you like it!


Isn't it funny, I typed that blog title post to explain to the world that I, Miss Author Of This Blog, am committed to posting each and every day for a whole month in an effort to get myself back on the blogging wagon, and then got so busy in my brain thinking about committment and other C letter words I forgot what I was going to say.

As usual, while try to doze off to the land of nod last night, there were several (million) thoughts running through my brain. Most of which, at one stage or another, I thought would make brilliantly witty, utterly amazing blog posts, to which people would respond with glee and hastily proclaim their undying love to me via the comment form (located below this post, y'all). Upon waking, however, those aforementioned brilliantly witty future posts have vanished from my head, leaving nothing but reminders to remove my nail poish, and the usual longings for Subway. Nothing new there.

So, what to post? What to post indeed. I could discuss the fact my phone was cut off this morning, leaving me staring at my iPhone 4 screen with sorrow and lust for all the poor, unanaswered text messages that were sure to be loitering in my inbox, only to be reconnected 15 minutes later with not a single message awaiting me. Horror. I could mention how cold and dreary and miserable it is outside, and how unmotivated this makes me to get anything done, but then I start to think about all those loads of washing I need to get dried and... well, let's move on. I could point out the adorable kitting asleep on my leg, making creepy little grunty snuffle sounds, but then I'd have to take a photo to show the adorabless... Oh, go on then! While that's downloading off my phone, might I take this chance to point out my new background/header/general betterness of this blog? I feel marginally more at ease here, rather than at The Old Blog. Any thoughts/pointers/suggestions?

On that note, I'd better listen to my own brain's suggestions to get my butt into gear, get this washing done, jobs applied for, ass beaten at gym, and some horses ridden and dogs walked. Oh, and find my nearest Subway for a quick fix...

Check back later for my Accent video, plus a random questions tag vlog, too :D

I thought about it, for all of 2.7 seconds. I'm not quite that desperate. Yet.

Phoenix and I after a long, long day at the St Kilda Festival for the RSPCA.

Yes, I freely admit I am getting old. Glasses for me...*sob*
Turn off the light! The liiiiiight! I'm meltttttting!


So, I was coming on here to type out a post committing myself to blogging each and every day for a whole month, NaBloPoMo stylin', and got utterly sidetracked but how hideously unattractive this blog is. And then tried to fix it. And failed.

This blog background is named Katie Girl, so clearly I had to install it. But not only do I despise a white or neutral text background, I can't get rid of that damn logo in the top left corner. I believe I'll attack this tomorrow, when I'm not rushing to type between visits to vomit. Ah, what a wonderful weekend...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, blog...

What can I say? I have given up. Blogging here is like visiting the dentist - I know I need to, I get so far as building up the courage to do it, then ... blah.

It's all just too hard. You see, I Tweet. I Facebook status. I Daily Booth, sometimes even thricely Booth. I upload Vlogs, which are a whole lot easier, and a whole lot more fun than these 'every day' blogs. The main problem, though? I just don't like this blog. I miss my Made in Melbourne days. Specifically, having a pretty blog with a million (or at least like 200+) posts behind me so that fellow bloggers actually knew a bit about me. Another downfall to my blogging? It doesn't like me posting photos. My fancy smancy new camera has far superior photographic capabilites than simply using my iPhone, and does not appreciate that. I literally can't upload a single photo of my Africa Safari awesomeness, and that makes me a little said. A picture is worth a thousand words, in my mind, and I'm clearly not pumping out anywhere near a thousand words in my lack of blog posts.

So, what to do... Attempt a NaBloPoMo style intervention on myself, and MAKE myself blog each day? Head on back to Made In Melbourne and try and ressurect the past? Move on entirely and spend hours exasperatedly trying to find a new blog title and/or pretty background and start afresh? Or simply live via my iPhone and keep FBing, Tweeting and Daily Boothing in the convenience of my own bed/car/shopping centre, instead of having to file every witty line I later think I'll type out on here, then consume a glass of wine and forget entirely what it was I was thinking? Decisions, decisions.

(in the meantime, you can check out my vlogs to get a little dose of me... )