Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, I've been planning getting a tattoo for years, and have always had the same design in mind. However, recently, the thought of getting something smaller and more meaningful has been running through my mind, and now, thanks to a new friend of mine who is a completely brilliant artist, I have the exact design I will be getting inked on to my inner left wrist.

The 'B' is for not only my mother, but my brother, my uncle, my best friend and my nan's maiden name - handy they all have that in common, no? The wings, to me, represent drawing stregth from things or places I can't necessarily see, and also as a reminder of my uncle, who died a few years back and who I loved like a father.

The other tattoo - my 'main' one - will be inked across my shoulder blades, just above my bra, once I build the courage to get it done. I'm still modifying the design, but basically, it's the Sony Tristar pegasus!


  1. I wish I could ride him.

  2. Hate to tell you but i have had the tri star tat for over 5 years now


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