Sunday, March 6, 2011

Um... woops!

So, that posting every day for a month thing? Fail.

Still, at least taking three days off means I've got an abundance of exciting things to blog about, right? Well, sort of.

Soaking up the sun @ The Nobbies on Sunday.

Thursday was spent getting my bottom kicked at a personal training session, followed by wielding the vacuum and a duster like a man-woman in an attempt to make the house vaguely presentable for Cam's mum to visit. I did good, too - I didn't hide anything flammable in the oven like I tend to do last minute, only to remember when acrid smoke billows forth when I attempt cooking a few days later, and technically only hid the three washing baskets of socks etc in a downstairs cupboard purely because I don't have enough wardrobe space*.

Friday? Friday I slogged away for 3 hours retyping resumes and cover letters for various roles with my Job Agency Representitive (who happens to be a good buddy, so it wasn't exactly tedious beyond belief) and then spent the afternoon in a blur of tiredness from the previous days activities.

Ista, Darcy, me and Altibo.

Saturday... Saturday was one of my favorite days for a long time. I spent about 6 hours with the horses, had a lesson on Darcy from a girl at my yard who made him look like a superstar dressage horse in a matter of minutes, and gave me more confidence in my riding than I have had in a long time. It was the first nice day of weather for a long time, and the only downsides were Cam's spectacluar disembark from Altibo, and the chiropractor confirmed Ista as being the 'worst horse I've seen in years' in regards to his back and muscle problems. He ended up having injection upon injection and manipulation of his neck, back and legs. Hopefully there'll be some improvement in the next few weeks. It breaks my heart to see him so sore and feeling sorry for himself.

One of my favorite places, The Nobbies @ Phillip Island

Sunday was gorrrrrgeous. Sunny, 28c, roof down road trip to Phillip Island, which ended up in an ice-cream eating, ocean-paddling, mini-golf-playing, sun-worshipping, tourist-sightseeing sort of way.
And then, dinner at my Mums, the first episode of The Amazing Race, and the long drive home singing along to Benny & The Jets etc. All in all, a good weekend... and it just occurred to me, that's four days off. Goodness, I've been naughty!

There is a baby penguin in there somewhere, I swear!

*Hi Cam. Yeah. See how good I was at putting the floordrobe away? I could put it ALL away if I had more room! Wink wink, nudge nudge..

Oh yeah...and I lost 3.6kg in the past two weeks. What did I do? Reward myself with a nice, yummy hot chocolate... Oops again!


  1. Amazing raaaaaace!!!!

    I mean, all that other stuff is good too, but...

  2. It was a great weekend minus the altibo crash landing across the indoor arena!
    Hope Ista improves too so I can ride him soon xx


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